I am a teacher, singer, choir director, musician, performer, and writer. I started teaching voice and piano part-time a little over 20 years ago. About 7 years ago, I decided that I loved it too much to do it just part-time, and now teaching and directing is my full-time vocation. I have studied classical piano since the age of 6. I have been singing and performing since the age of 4 and studied theatre at Kent State University. 

My past experience has included:
  • Music Director, North Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Lewis Center, Ohio
  • Piano and Voice teacher at Squeo Music, Grove City, Ohio
  • Lead vocalist for jazz combo South Street
  • Music Director, Unitarian Universalist Church of Ft. Myers, Florida
       Everyone should be able to make some music! I have been playing piano for as long as I can remember, I have directed choirs, I have sung in symphony choruses, but all my life I have returned to the idea that music should be accessible to all and that everyone should be able to enjoy making music.
       Toward that end, I have developed a piano teaching method that incorporates ear training and popular music as well as traditional classical note-reading instruction so that my piano students can develop musical skills they will carry through their entire lives, regardless of whether or not they will ever be concert pianists.
       My 10-Week Vocal Camp puts into practice my belief that group vocal instruction can not only develop individual music skills, confidence, and poise, but also cross cultural boundaries to bring people together through music.
       Toward the same end, I sought an environment in which non-singers could stand by seasoned singers and work toward creating wonderful music together. That lead me to the Harmony Project, an arts and service organization that has a main choir of almost 500 volunteer singers who do community service in order for the opportunity to sing in some of Columbus, Ohio’s most famous venues. After a couple years singing as a volunteer, I was brought on as a vocal instructor and then as a Program Director, directing an outreach choir consisting of adults who have experienced homelessness, adults with differing abilities, and adult volunteers from the main Harmony Project choir. 
       Along with my private musical instruction, I am doing the most rewarding work of my life and I am truly grateful for every opportunity I get to do more of it!
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