How to build a Single Page Website

You aren't going to believe this!

It is possible to build a website that consists of only one long webpage.

"Why would you want to do this?", you might ask.

This answer is simply that it gives a very cool, slick and modern look to your website. It makes your website appear lightening fast, and uses animation to move between pages.

Here's an example of what I am talking about: CLICK HERE
And a quick VIDEO showing how to set up the sections for your Single Page Website.

OK -- so, assuming you like the look and feel of a single page design, let's get started.

There are a couple of big picture concepts you need to quickly understand about editing this page.

  • This trick is oriented towards websites consisting of a single long webpage. If you have other webpages on your website, you might want to delete them. It does work to have them, but can feel wrong to your users. We'll leave this decision up to you.
  • The menu widget, which normally provides for navigation between webpages is instead used to navigate to different sections of your one long webpage.

You will "fake out" the menu widget by selecting "sections" of your webpage, rather than individual webpages. The sections are known as "Section A", "Section B", etc.

Each of the sections on your website offers a different collection of DZ's (drop zones) where you can place your widgets. Glance through them while editing and see what your options are. You will find that they allow you to do some very creative things!

When you are editing your website you will see some yellow dividers labeled "Section A" through "Section F". These only appear while you are editing, and are there to help you know where to place your widgets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I eliminate a section I don't want?
    You can add and remove the number of sections you want on your single page layout however, you must choose between 3-6 sections for your page. To make adjustments go to 'Site' > 'Customize Your Site Layout' > 'Create your own custom design' > 'Select Backgrounds' > 'Assign Backgrounds To Pages' > 'New Background'. Here you can select how many sections you will use. Just think of each section as a page in on your website.
  • What if I want extra drop zones in a particular section?
    Sorry, you can't add Drop Zones however, notice that when you place a Widget in one it will open up another identical Drop Zone above and below it (you will noitice this when you go to place another widget, the duplicate Drop Zones will be highlighted in yellow). For example if you wanted to utiize the row of 3 Drop Zones to display a gallery of pictures you can expand that row of 3 to (2 or 3) rows of 3 once you start placing your Image Widgets. Your Drop Zones can then be separated by Spacer Widgets to allow you the flexibility to style your page any way you want.