Photo by David Beale on Unsplash
Photo by David Beale on Unsplash
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10-Week Vocal Camp

    The 10-Week Vocal Camp is appropriate for groups of 10 or more singers. I developed this 10-Week Vocal Camp because the foundation of a strong singing voice and singing group can be laid down in a short amount of time as long as the individuals are willing to take what they’ve learned and apply it. 

The Vocal Camp is great for small ensembles or community choirs, worship choirs, a cappella groups, or other similar groups that have been singing together but need to hone their skills and polish their sound. Also, new groups looking to form a choir or small ensemble and learn about proper vocal technique and ear-training for harmonization can also benefit from taking this course.

Here’s what you will learn in 10 one-hour sessions:

The Basics
You will learn about how posture influences the sound you can make. You’ll learn proper breathing technique and how to incorporate breathing exercises into your regular warm-ups. From there I will teach singers simple vocal warm-ups they can do anywhere, anytime, whether or not there is a piano handy.

The Tone
We’ll talk about vowel sounds and how to properly open up to sing in your roundest and fullest tone and you will be armed with vocal exercises that develop habits you can transfer to performances. Each week we will add more exercises that focus on the group’s challenges. Armed with a wide array of exercises, singers will learn to better manage their mid-range vocal “break” as well as strengthen both ends of their range. 

The Skills
You’ll spend some time listening—listening to yourself and listening to your neighbor—as we start to talk about what it means to sing in a group. Utilizing vocal exercises that develop your harmonization skills, your group will improve their overall sound and their understanding of richer, more complex harmonies.

The 10-Week Vocal Camp can take place in your space, or I can secure space for your group. 

In 10 one-hour sessions, your group can develop the necessary foundation for understanding and employing good vocal technique and set a course for developing good habits that will translate into a better unified sound. 

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